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Bulgarian folk tale about  creativity




Once upon a time there was an index of creativity. It is there now.


Once upon a time there was also a Bulgarian kid who wanted to do something exceptional and could not sleep. He's gone now.


This Bulgarian kid worked in his father's shop. He wanted to invent something new that others didn't have. Wanted to sell it and buy only from him. He invented different things. But he also had to study. His father sent him to study in Europe. You came after a time with knowledge and new ideas. He worked in the shop again. He improved the loom and began weaving better fabrics. Exiled to buy more from him. He also started selling fabrics in Europe, where he went to study. For Europeans, his fabrics were good and so were his prices. The work was going well and the future looked promising.


There was once such a Bulgarian. He's gone now. Where is? Went to Europe and decided not to return? Or did he not go anywhere at all? Maybe he wanted to leave, but they wouldn't let him in behind the Iron Curtain? Or did they forbid his father to have a shop and produce fabrics? Or was there no money to travel after the Iron Curtain fell?


Many things may have happened. But the fact is that it does not exist. If anyone wants to look for the answers, give it a try. However, the end result is known.


This is the Bulgarian folk tale of innovation and creativity.

Now there is

Creativity Index,

according to which Bulgaria ranks last in Europe, along with Romania. At the bottom, Bulgarian politicians feel comfortable. For them, this is a success. Many would like the people to like it there - at the bottom.

"… Only four countries have a score above 6: Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Finland ... Bulgaria's score is below 2, Romania's below 1."

Source: Measuring Creativity in the EU Member States, Автори Carlos Miguel Correia, José da Silva Costa

In the global index of creativity, Bulgaria ranks 48th, ahead of Montenegro, Poland and Ukraine.

Source: THE GLOBAL CREATIVITY INDEX 2015, Martin Prosperity Institute

We must emphasize that these are the next rankings in which Bulgaria is somewhere at the bottom and the reason is not in the quality of human potential, but in poor governance. With individual achievements, Bulgarians have constantly proved and continue to do so - that they have great opportunities, despite everything. Due to bad management, these people are scattered around the world, have no realization in their homeland, change their professions, work in survival mode.

This folk tale may not only be Bulgarian - it could be Montenegrin, Polish, Ukrainian ...


It is obvious that something significant needs to change, and it is also obvious that no one intends to do it.


The CREAM project gives us the opportunity to change something together. We cannot expect a miracle, but this is a chance, if you are motivated, to take a step first for yourself and then for others - to change the environment.


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