Business solutions during a pandemic



How can we use COVID as a hammer and forge a better future for our business?




How to deal with your business with the crisis? Effective solutions.


  1. Do not cancel anything you have planned.
  2. Do things differently - be flexible and creative.
  3. Do not rely on the state.

Universal advice is important, but every business and every company in a particular place is unique.


But how can we be helpful to your business in finding the right anti-crisis solutions?


What we offer you is to find the right steps together. This is done as follows:

1. Send us the main parameters that describe the problem or case in which you are looking for a solution.

2. Describe the business you run on several criteria listed below:

  • Main activity

  • Location (Location, Country, Location - with link from Google maps)

  • Potential market (who are your customers)
    Main problem I am looking for a solution to:
    (Example: With an average of 100 customers each day, there have been only 30 or fewer customers per day in the last two months. It is vital for my business to restore the previous number of customers or change the downward trend.)

3. Within a week of receiving your order, you will receive a developed solution. Once you receive it, you can start implementing it in practice, and during this process, you can consult with us with any questions.

4. During the first three weeks of implementing the solutions you have received, it is advisable to keep us informed of the results so that we can make adjustments if necessary.

5. Guaranteed money back. In the event that no improvement of the business occurs three months after the implementation of the decisions, we guarantee you a full refund of the amount paid.

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What are we actually doing for you?

We add the efforts of our creative teams to that of your company. When creative solutions are needed, it is extremely important to have more perspectives - anyone who has faced the urgent search for solutions knows how important this is.

The effect of pooling efforts is a typical case where one plus one is equal to more than two.

This is a well-known model for solving business cases. The difference is that we now make it accessible to any company, wherever it is located, whether small or large.

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This means taking COVID-19, with all the accompanying confusion, and forging market behavior that will get businesses back on their feet and emerge stronger from the current crisis.



 Do not cancel anything you have planned.

1. Business, like any sustainable activity, is based on predictability and perseverance. This is due to the trust of customers and their loyalty. The emergence of any crises does not change these principles. Therefore, the company's behavior in case of restrictions and a pandemic such as the one with COVID - 19 must continue to be based on these principles. This will certainly give results.


Do things differently - be flexible and creative.

2. Each of your activities can be replicated in an appropriate creative way, so that you can even expand your market and keep the attention of your customers. What's more, they will appreciate it and return to your products as soon as they can be even more motivated.

Keep in mind that the behavior of your business and the sustainability of your services at certain times are a support for your customers and contribute to their confidence and security in the future. And this is important.


Do not rely on the state


3. States, including ours, are trying to support business and people, and that is exactly what they need to do, that is the meaning of statehood. Perhaps the current conditions are helping countries return to their essence. But like anyone who has moved away from their main job, returning is not effective. And the current crisis is not typical, and there are many unknowns. The assistance that the state provides to companies should be so oriented and provided in such a way as to make the business stronger in overcoming the crisis. This is not the case now and companies will fall into the trap of this support, which will weaken their competitiveness in the future - both in the domestic and foreign markets. Here the responsibility falls on each company separately - whether its management will be able to realize this fact or not.

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